{Celeb Talk} Sonia and Matthew Booth

Matthew and Sonia Booth are South Africa’s very own power couple

You only have to look at American President Barack and Michelle Obama  to recognize the popularity of the power couple.  This may not be a new phenomenon, think businessman Patrice Motsepe and his doctor and entrepreneur wife Precious Moloi-Motsepe or media mogul Romeo and Basetsana Kumalo.  But now more than ever, it appears the marriage of talented and gifted men and women somehow magically translates into enormous popularity and increased productivity for both individuals, proving the old saying that certain things really do work best in pairs.

Matthew and Sonia Booth are South Africa’s very own power couple. The 32-year old model and businesswoman Sonia got married to popular Bafana Bafana and Mamelodi Sundowns defender in a fairytale Top Billing wedding in 2006. Despite the fame, Matthew and Sonia are often described as unassuming, warm and sincere. Their presence in the soccer world is that of calm and solid love in the scandal riddled world of soccer stars and WAGs

Long in the public eye, the former model became a house-hold name after she finished second in the 2006 Miss South Africa contest. In what would be a cliché were it not true, Soweto-born Sonia, is a brainy beauty. The mother of two young boys, Nathan and Noah, holds a Business and Marketing degree and owns and runs Bonneventia S, a shoe manufacturing company. She is also her husband biggest fan, as seen during last year’s soccer World Cup matches were she was often to be found in the stands in her match-watching uniform of a green and gold Bafana Bafana jersey, jeans, stilettos and a cap.

It did not take long for corporations and the media to catch on to the couple’s instant likability, which can be attributed to their humility and certain wholesomeness. Together and separately they are the spokespersons of some of the country’s biggest brands and regularly appear in magazines and papers, and as a former fashion model it makes sense that Sonia’s name regularly pops up among the best dressed at various high profile events. Despite their 5-year old marriage, the excitement over their partnership does not seem to be cooling down anytime soon.

You got married in a beautiful ceremony in 2006. What was special about the way Matthew proposed to you?

You got married in a beautiful ceremony. Everything about the way he proposed was romantic and special. It was outdoors, where we had a laid back lunch on a sunny day at Moyo Zoo Lake, followed by a row boat ride on which he knelt and asked me to be his wife.

 How did you two meet?
We met through his former Mamelodi Sundowns teammate, Alain Amougou, over 10-years ago.

 Did you always know you wanted to get married and what did marriage mean to you then?
I knew I wanted to be Matthew’s wife. To me marriage meant a lifelong commitment to each other, as well as compassion, dedication, compromise, support and unconditional love.

Can you give us a brief description of your wedding day? What was the most meaningful aspect of the actual ceremony to you?
It was an intimate ceremony; we only had 80 guests in total. We both just wanted people who knew us well enough to remember Nathan’s birthday (Noah was yet to be born). I remember mom couldn’t properly read a Bible scripture because she was so filled with emotion.

Marriage meant a lifelong commitment to each other, as well as compassion says Sonia.

What were some of your favourite things about each other and now?
Matthew is loving, humble and generous. He has a great sense of humour

 How do you and Matthew share quality time?
We love watching movies together at home. On Sunday mornings, we both read the papers in bed. He obviously starts with the sports section and if it’s my lucky day, he will hand over the main section for me to read.

Both you and your husband spend a lot of time travelling, how do you both ensure that you remain on the same page despite the distance?
We have a weekly planner and thus try to accommodate each other, 90% of our commitments involve the both of us as a unit.

What are some of the challenges of both of you being in the public eye, has it ever been an issue?

It’s about challenging perceptions.  People believe that everything that is written about us is true. We, however, don’t take ourselves too seriously to be bothered by negative comments. We just have a good laugh.

 Is being a footballer’s wife as glamorous and dramatic as we all might think?
Its not always glamorous, when I am at home, you will find me wearing my tracksuits cooking up a storm for my family. South African footballers are not as highly paid as much as their European counterparts, otherwise, I’d probably shop more. LOL! Whenever I drop off our son at school, I won’t have makeup on; I am comfortable in my own skin. I get “dramatic” internally when people ask for photos during a romantic dinner or someone tries to take pictures of our sons, which is a definite NO NO!

 What do you think is the secret behind your and Matthew being such a dynamic couple?
We are madly in love with each other, even after 10 years together. We are best friends and we enjoy each other’s company.

Because of what you do and who you are, what would many people find interesting to find out about your life?
That I grew up in a shack in Orange Farm and that I lost my dad when I was only 6 weeks old, on Christmas Day.

Support each other in everything and make time for each other is Sonia’s advice.

 Do you and your husband share responsibilities around the home?
Yes, it’s part of the reason we’ve lasted this long. In our house, there are no “woman’s chores” and “man’s chores”. We simply help each other out whenever and wherever possible.

How do you balance being a married woman with being a mother to two lovely (and I’m sure very active) boys as well as building a successful career and brand?
I manage with great difficulty. I have a great support system with my husband, my mom and Gogo Maureen who helps care for Noah. I don’t frequent the factory (Bonneventia S Footwear manufacturing) unless necessary. This means I can do the administration work from home.

What has marriage taught you about yourself as well as about partnership?
Marriage has taught me patience and compromise, marriage and motherhood taught me to be less selfish.

Is there a secret to staying happily married?
Support each other in everything and make time for each other, have dates once a week to keep the passion alive. Spend a day away from home, away from your children so that you don’t drift apart.

Any tips for blissful but anxious newlyweds?
It is not easy, every marriage has its challenges, but make sure you never go to bed without talking through your issues. Also remember to hug and kiss before bedtime and finally couples that pray together, stay together! We pray every night.

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