Chanel unveils its new fragrance… Gabrielle

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For the first time in 15 years, the French design house of Chanel has just launched a new fragrance, Gabrielle, which is now available in South Africa.

Chanel celebrated the launch of Gabrielle, its first major fragrance since Chance was launched in 2002, in Joburg at a sparkling event at MESH on Keye’s Art Mile last week. With actress Kristen Stewart as the face of Gabrielle, Chanel defines its latest perfume as a blockbuster for the digital age.

The tagline at the launch:

“Last name Chanel

First name Gabrielle

Distinguishing feature rebellious”…

This epitomises the exquisite new fragrance. As Chanel posted on its website: “Before she was the designer Coco Chanel, she was Gabrielle. A rebel at heart, passionate and self-ruling, she freed herself to become the woman she wanted to be.”

Gabrielle is the first perfume to be created by in-house master perfumer Olivier Polge from scratch (he took over from his father Jacques in 2013).

The bottle alone took seven years to create and the fragrance… you have to experience it to understand its beauty, which Polge describes as an “abstract floral”. It’s both modern and crisp yet completely recognisable as a Chanel perfume. Sample it at a selection of Woolworths stores around the country.

Discover Gabrielle Chanel
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