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Couture is high fashion, it’s everything that is bespoke, hand-crafted, stylish and glam. Keep this in mind when choosing couture as your theme, and you can’t go wrong.

Venue If you think of a couture wedding dress, you think of bold simplicity. For a couture venue, look for exactly that – an empty shell, a conservatory with its bare frame structure and glass paneling all around, or a white studio with exposed beams in the ceiling. A place for your creative soul to work its high fashion magic. This is a clean palette for you to play with and add your own magic touch.

Décor Think refined and only the best. Couture is about taking something beautiful and showcasing it. For this look we made white our backdrop. Floral details include stems of delphinium orchids, white lilies and the finest chrysanthemums in crystal vases. White candles reflecting off the glass create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Cutlery is kept simple, paired with bohemian crystal glassware on starched white hemstitch napkins, to complete this look.

Menu The menu is inspired by French cuisine; delicate bites that look so delectable, you’ve already consumed them with your eyes before you’ve even taken a bite. Think of it as the haute couture of food pairings; blue cheese and pear; duck and orange; figs and bacon. Simple flavours paired harmoniously to create something exquisite. An elegant six course menu consisting of an amuse bouche and palette cleansers is fitting for a couture wedding.

Stationery The bridal couple can create a monogram that can be used across all stationery; from the invitations to the thank you cards. This will be the golden thread that creates a continuous look. Think white on white with a simple pattern and a splash of gold for extravagance. Instead of a printed menu, make use of all that glass panelling and invest in vinyl stickers that can be stuck on the glass to create an interesting focal point.

Cake “Let them eat cake.” Create a dramatic effect by making the wedding cake a feature – such as a seven-tier cake. Don’t fret – this won’t break the bank! Not all the tiers need to be cake; we recommend making the bottom two tiers real cake and the rest dummy tiers of decorated polystyrene. Your guests will never know the difference and let’s be honest – no one likes to waste cake!


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