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Hair loss is, unfortunately, one of the natural side effects of getting older and can be quite difficult to come to terms with. But there’s no need to panic; there are many ways in which to reduce hair loss and keep your head happy and healthy for as long as possible!

A single follicle grows approximately .35 millimetres per day. The normal cycle of growth of each follicle consists alternatively of rebuilding and tearing down of the structure. After a period of rest, the follicle is built anew from raw materials, each hair follicle replicating this process as it grows longer and stronger. It is important to emphasize that the metabolic requirements of the hair follicle must be met at this time or else adequate and optimal hair growth will not occur.

This requires that certain vitamins and minerals are present in adequate quantities or else there will be non-existent or defective hair growth.

Good nutrition and a diet adequate in multi nutrients are required to encourage healthy hair and skin. High-quality vitamins, herbals and minerals also prevent or minimise hair loss and thinning. Our modern lifestyle and a typical diet is invariably low in multi nutrients, leading to vitamin deficiency and hormonal imbalance both of which are prominent causes of hair loss.

Trichotin Hair Regenesis is designed and formulated to correct the underlying cause of hair loss and improve follicle health and activity  

Ingredients in Trichotin Hair Regenesis

Vitamin A
The body reacts negatively to Vitamin A deficiency by slowing down regrowth of hair and nails causing the scalp to become keratinised. Keratin, an insoluble protein, releases compounds which are irritating to the scalp and prevent hair growth. In addition, Vitamin A acts as an antioxidant protecting the body against free radical damage. It is also beneficial to the skin as it is required for the maintenance and repair of epithelial tissue.

Kelp contains 30 minerals including iodine which is essential for the treatment of symptoms associated with an underactive thyroid, such as hair loss and obesity. Its ability to stimulate metabolism is useful in weight management. Treatment with Kelp reverses conditions caused by a thyroid hormone deficiency including hair loss.

Saw Palmetto Extract
Saw Palmetto minimises hereditary male pattern hair loss. It is able to block dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from binding to hair follicles. DHT results from the increased breakdown of testosterone. Saw palmetto basically “short-circuits” the production of DHT which is responsible for the occurrence of male pattern baldness and prostate inflammation.

Trichotin formula strategically combines Pygeum with Saw palmetto for the treatment of hair loss. Pygeum is able to lower DHT and luteinizing hormone (LH) production which are responsible for inflammation of hair follicles – a prevalent cause of hair loss in both men and women.

Trichotin’s superior quality grade of Nettle binds to receptors on hair follicles preventing DHT from doing so. This averts the onset of hair loss. Nettle also increases the amount of free circulating testosterone in the body by preventing its break down to DHT. Research proves that if Nettle stores are replenished in hair loss patients, they are more likely to reduce hair shedding and restore regrowth.

Sarsaparilla stimulates hormone production in the body and has been widely used to induce hair growth.

Oat Straw
Oat straw is able to free testosterone by preventing it binding to other sites or hormones in the body. It is thus an important ingredient in Fusion Labs armamentarium to prevent hair loss and stimulate new growth.
Oat straw also regulates the production of LH in the body. The Trichotin formula utilizes this function in conjunction with silica to remedy hair loss.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E encourages healthy hair growth by increasing the oxygen supply to the body and thereby improving scalp circulation. It is also known to combat dandruff and prevent hair loss.
Vitamin E is also an important antioxidant aiding in the utilisation of vitamin A, a process which allows cells to replicate at a more rapid rate. Inadequate vitamin E is a contributing factor in premature ageing and a compromised immune system.

Vitamin C 
Vitamin C is a well-recognised antioxidant and is required for at least 300 metabolic functions, the result of which is to support healthy hair growth. Vitamin C improves scalp circulation thereby stimulating hair follicles by increasing its oxygen supply. It is therefore recommended in a prudent diet for combating hair loss.

Vitamin C encourages growth of the protein chains in collagen, which is the main ingredient in all-fibrous tissue. As an antioxidant Vitamin C neutralises heavy metals in the body rendering them harmless thus slowing down the ageing process. Vitamin C also helps combat infection, boosts immune function and promotes healing of wounds.

Vitamin A, C, and E act synergistically to protect the body from free radical damage and thus promote peak health.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
Thiamine protects the body from the degenerative effects of ageing, stress, alcohol, smoking and pollutants.
As a protein builder and by enhancing circulation, follicle stimulation and transport of nutrients to the scalp, it stimulates hair growth, encourages hair shine, increases volume and good texture.
Strategically combining it with folic acid induces hair re-growth. Thiamine is also important for brain function and relieving depression.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
Riboflavin is required by every cell of your body on a daily basis. Structuring it with Vitamin A helps to promote the repair of epithelial tissue and stimulate hair growth. Riboflavin facilitates oxygen delivery to the body’s tissues and is included in the Trichotin formula to increase iron absorption.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 
Niacin supports healthy hair by improving digestion and absorption of amino acids. It stimulates circulation promoting a healthier scalp and also plays an important role in maintaining the health of the nervous system.

Vitamin B6 (Pyrodoxine HCl)
Vitamin B6 is involved in more bodily functions than any other single nutrient to promote both physical and mental health. Vitamin B6 is important for a healthy scalp and consistent hair growth. It regulates sodium and potassium levels and is also required for the production of RNA and DNA which contain genetic information for normal cellular growth.

Folic Acid 
Folic acid is considered “brain food”, and needed for energy production. It is also required for promoting cell exfoliation. Augmented levels are imperative for periods of rapid growth.
Folic acid is a coenzyme for DNA and RNA production and is therefore important for healthy hair cell development. Trichotin’s formula incorporates folic acid with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C since this configuration works best for hair follicle reconstruction. Once this is achieved healthy hair and skin are maintained.

Vitamin B12 
Vitamin B12 is essential for red blood cell formation, tissue, cellular repair and cell longevity – thus serving to sustain a healthy scalp.
The Trichotin formula uses Vitamin B12 together with iron to support the haemopoetic system improves circulation and oxygen supply to the scalp.
Trichotin encourages Vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid to work synergistically to reduce homocysteine levels in the body, high levels of which together with cholesterol are known to cause vascular damage.

Various research programs concluded that when individuals were fed a diet low in biotin or inositol, they lose substantial amounts of hair. Minute doses of Biotin daily can prevent hair loss.
Biotin improves cell growth and is included in Trichotin to complement Zepufa. It is required for essential fatty acid production and has been used in this formula for the benefits listed below:

  1. Helps improve hair quality.
  2. Prevents thinning and splitting of hair
  3. Minimizes hair greying.
  4. Appears to metabolise fatty acids
  5. Enhances the utilization of B complex vitamins.

On its own Biotin prevents seborrheic dermatitis or cradle cap. It also functions to keep hair, skin, bone marrow, and glands growing and functioning optimally.

Magnesium increases the activity of energy-producing enzymes in the body. It enhances calcium absorption and regulates the pH (acidity level) in the body. Research concluded that individuals who were fed a diet deficient in Magnesium suffer hair loss in “bunches”.

This nutrient deficiency was found to be reversible with supplementation – resulting in the generous restoration of hair.

Medically Iron deficiency is probably the most common known cause of hair loss. It is vital for the manufacturing of cells which oxygenate all tissues including hair, nails and skin. Cell growth and energy production are thus stimulated.

In pre and peri-menopausal women, hair loss is not only hormonal but also due to nutrient deficiency, with depleted iron stores being the most important factor. It could also be a possible trigger for telogen effluvium which causes much hair shedding. When hair loss is subtle, occurring over many months or even years, iron supplementation is critical.
Trichotin also utilizes iron as a contributor to energy. If the ingredients for energy production are not continuously replenished, then iron stores will be depleted, resulting in hair cell degradation.
One method of maximally utilizing iron in the body is to stimulate the liver to mobilise ferritin. As circulating levels of ferritin decline, stores are depleted to provide support for more essential functions. The loss of this ferritin from the hair follicle can lead to the development of vellus, non-pigmented fine hairs – a condition indicative of early iron deficiency. The presence of vellus hairs is seen in androgenic alopecia. Once iron levels are restored hair growth returns to normal.
Optimal hair growth cannot be sustained with low iron stores. Treatment for hair loss is enhanced when iron deficiency, with or without obvious anaemia, is corrected. Iron-deficiency is so important that it is imperative in hair loss screening.

Severe zinc deficiency has been shown to produce baldness and negative scalp conditions. These are reversed when zinc levels are restored to normal.
Trichotin incorporates Zinc because it:

  1. Minimises hair loss.
  2. Stimulates hair growth.
  3. Prevents acne.
  4. Is required for skin healing.
  5. Is required for protein synthesis and collagen formation.
  6. Acts as a powerful antioxidant
  7. Protects against free radical damage.
  8. Increases the absorption of Vitamin A.

Amino Acids
If essential amino acids are deficient hair fibres become weak, break, fall out, and fail to regenerate normally. Trichotin has included these in its formula because they also form the structural components of chromosomes.

PABA (Para-Amino Benzoic Acid)
PABA contains sun screening properties – a function which is utilized in sunscreen preparations. It is well known for its ability to protect the skin from the harmful effects of sun rays
In Trichotin PABA is used to assist the breakdown of amino acids and promotes its optimal utilization.
Its benefits include hair shine and “body” as well as skin clarity. It is used in the Trichotin formula because synergistically with folic acid it acts as a powerful anti-greying and hair-colour restoring agent.
A deficiency of PABA (Para-amino benzoic acid) causes:

  1. extreme fatigue
  2. eczema
  3. irritability
  4. depression
  5. nervousness
  6. constipation
  7. headaches
  8. digestive disorders
  9. premature greying of hair

Choline containing supplements are prescribed to balding patients. This ingredient shows significant benefits in hair loss. Choline enhances brain function, improves memory and concentration.

Inositol is a cell membrane stabilizer and an anti-oxidant which has protective effects on hair follicles by safeguarding them from membrane damage caused by oxidized cholesterol in the scalp.
Inositol is fundamental for growth, shine and improved hair quality. It strengthens hair structure allowing it to grow thicker and more vibrant. Inositol is said to have a calming effect on the body and also plays a role in lowering raised cholesterol levels.
Functioning synergistically with Choline, Inositol is responsible for the formation of lecithin which stimulates hair growth.

Cysteine is the chief protein component of hair and the largest single element and constituting about 10-14%. It is therefore a vital ingredient. Cysteine is a sulphur containing amino acid and is essential for the formation of new cells and detoxification of the skin. It also increases collagen production resulting in greater skin clarity and better texture.

L-Glycine is an amino acid found in the protein of all life forms. It is a major constituent of proteins, and promotes repair of damaged cells. It is also used in the assembly of RNA and DNA. Large concentrations are found in the skin and scalp connective tissue.

Co Enzyme Q10
Co Enzyme Q 10 is a powerful antioxidant. It stimulates circulation thus fulfilling an important role in oxygenation and energy production. It is best recognised for its “anti-aging properties”. It is used in this formula to maintain the integrity of cell membranes.
Research has proved that its usage is incumbent on any individual using chronic medication. Co Enzyme Q 10 is an important ingredient for senior citizens whose circulation is compromised. Many people who supplement with Co Enzyme Q 10 daily report thicker stronger hair.
Prior to undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, patients should supplement with Co- Enzyme Q 10 to minimize hair loss and maintain existing hair.

Fatty acids are utilized in numerous processes in the body including hair growth. An Omega 3 and 6 deficiency is characterized by hair loss, eczema and a less effectively functioning immune system.

EFA’s are essential to the body and required for healthy hair and skin structure. For thinning of hair, health care practitioners highly recommend EFA supplementation. In Trichotin it has been used to feed hair roots – “fertilizer”. Essential fatty acids also improve hair texture and prevent dry, brittle hair by balancing its moisture content and keeping hair well hydrated,

Increasing EFA’s in an individual’s diet results in hair improvement, noticeable in about six to eight weeks.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)
MSM is a naturally occurring, organic sulphur compound which helps to nourish collagen in the hair, skin and nails. For this reason, it is referred to by many as “the beauty mineral”. It also aids the detoxification process by scavenging for free radicals. MSM aids the liver in its production of Choline and controls acidity in the stomach – coating the intestinal tract causing parasites to lose their ability to adhere. MSM can jump-start hair growth in persons with sulphur deficiencies which may be causing thinning hair of hair loss.

A consistent supply of Silica is imperative for the integrity of hair, skin and nails. Lustreless hair and brittle nails are treated with silica to help rejuvenate hair follicles and rebuild connective tissue. Silica also increases the production of collagen whereby skin and nail condition is greatly enhanced.

Trichotin Hair Regenesis sells for R438 and is available online at as well as at these stockists and
also now available through selected Sorbet Drybar stores in Gauteng, including Bedford Centre, Greenstone, and Dunkeld.


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Trichotin Hair Regenesis
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