Lake Umuzi

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Most recently featured on Mzansi Magic’s “Our Perfect Wedding”, this venue is an outdoor dream.

Located in Secunda, Mpumalanga, Lake Umuzi Waterfront is a top-class venue for your wedding.

A gorgeous vast venue with a variety of options on where to wed is perfect for your big family! Each space in the around the lake is scenic and there are a variety of options on where you can take photos as newlyweds! You can take a deep breath and know that the Lake Umuzi team will take care of everything. From the ceremony to the reception, they’ve got it all covered. With accomodation for the whole family. From lofts and apartments to luxury rooms, there is enough space for everyone.

There are a variety of venues to choose from, making it perfect for a celebration. With entertainment across the venue for family fun for those in between moments, and your choice of six restaurants, trust us when we say that everything and everyone will be taken care of.

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