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Use this type of edgy theme if you’re a bold, very creative bridal couple who take inspiration from being on the edge. You’ll find inspiration from all over Africa; then add a bit of punk to make it their own.

Venue Afro-punk has a certain funky edge to it, so bear this in mind; the venue must have the same edgy X factor. A cityscape venue would capture the boldness of Afro-punk. A city rooftop venue with the bustling city lights as your backdrop constitutes absolute perfection. Or what about an abandoned warehouse with raw brick walls and concrete flooring? This will be an unspoiled canvas for you to mix and match to your eclectic heart’s content.

Menu A modern twist on traditional African cuisine should inspire your menu. Rich African flavours presented in delicious bite sizes can be served on beautiful wooden platters and slates. We love the idea of food stations that encourage socialising rather than a formal sit-down dinner. Street-style catering such as food trucks are a really popular choice today – always a winner.

As this theme is fitting for a young, dynamic urban couple who enjoy their cocktails and shooters, alternative dessert options are in order. Instead of having conventional dessert, why not try a delicious shooter topped off with a sweet snack?

Décor Think an assortment of patterns, textures and cultures culminating in an eclectic backdrop. For this look you want to create a balance between diverse cultural references and sophistication. By making use of patterned textiles and a variety of carpets and throws, the look will have distinctive layers symbolising the vast variety of cultures and inspiration in Africa and adding a punk touch.

We added modern and sophisticated furniture to counterbalance the ruggedness of the street style. Making use of a variety of materials such as wood, copper, rope, concrete and plastic creates a multidimensional atmosphere and captures the rawness of Afro-punk. The idea is to create a space that feels like your home, with a variety of unique ornaments and furniture collected throughout the years. Pot plants and artichokes are used to breathe life into the space and candlelight adds warmth.

Stationery Unusual shapes and materials should be used for invitations. For example, you can bring in wooden elements and engrave the invitation onto the wooden slab or make use of laser cutting to create beautiful textures and patterns. Instead of printing a menu on paper, vinyl cut-outs can be placed onto food station booths or the menu can be printed on textiles and hung from the ceiling to create layers and save costs.


Photographer Joe Photography +2782 549 9885

Furniture Aplace


Lighting Aplace

Styling APlace

Beverages Shake and Serve

Catering Stir Food

Stationery Secret Diary

Venue The Aleit Group Headquarters

Floral Aplace

The Aleit Group
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