Rozanne’s Cakes

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Cakes that aren’t just made with flour, eggs and sugar. Rozanne’s Cakes are made with passion and creativity.

Rozanne’s cakes have been a statement for a few of our Nubian Brides, and still continues to provide a variety of tastes that suit different palettes and decoration that is constantly innovative.

A favourite of ours has to be the Oreo wedding cake in one of our latest issues. The cake was a big hit for so many readers, and continues to be a big hit with us! The idea of taking something modern and applying it to the traditional tiered wedding cake is something that we’re all about. There’s a certain sense of comfort when it comes to the cakes, almost as if they were made by a family member specially for you on your big day.

For more on Rozanne’s Cakes, head to the website here.

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