Wedding Planning: Back to Basics

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Wedding planner Marius Barnard shows us how to use South Africa’s diverse and unique cultural heritage to create your very own personal wedding theme.


These days, African inspiration is right on trend – in weddings, in fashion, in every aspect of our lives.

Bold, vibrant colours will always be part of our heritage, but ethnically inspired print now has a more modern, stylish edge. Using drama in rich jewel tones and dramatic black and white designs, the bride can reinvent her wedding and create something intrinsic of her heritage. 


In planning this wedding, Marius and his team chose lots of colour, which is quintessentially African. The theme incorporates everything from dramatic black and white to metallic gold and shades of pinks and yellows. They included traditional African fabrics, like the grass mats used as under plates, to create enthralling ‘Out of Africa’ images. All a bride needs to do is add her own personality, and she will have a unique African extravaganza.

Be inspired, be creative, use Africa’s exquisite textures, patterns, colours and natural elements. Marius and his team used the black and white background and enhanced the look with gold foiling from the invitations. They continued this look with geometric designs on the cake and the containers on the table.


Africa offers a magical selection of flowers and natural, earthy textures to integrate into a wedding. Select gold and textured ornaments, use indigenous flowers like Proteas, Pincushion Flowers and Blushing Brides (these delicate blooms are feathery and light, giving the flowers an ethereal feel). Choose colours in your theme that echo the African wilderness.


There is an incredible selection of local African delicacies that can be used for wedding canapes and snacks. Get on trend: modernize and transform traditional dishes or street food into high-end gourmet snacks. Think gourmet mini bunny-chow in homemade loaves, meat straight from the braai served as a delicately plated, intricate dish or clever canapes created from familiar favourites. South African and broader African cuisine offers incredibly diverse options for wedding food… don’t be afraid to experiment.


When it comes to the drinks table, Marius suggests serving different African beers. We have so many delicious brews – and the unique and interesting bottles will create a visual masterpiece for your photographer!

Last word

This style of wedding is perfect for a contemporary bride who is not afraid of making a statement. She’s the type of bride who wants to reflect her cultural heritage in her wedding designs and even possibly her dress. African style is timeless, and these days it’s becoming very fashionable to include a touch of your heritage. Use your creative flair to give your wedding an authentic taste of African style and sophistication, however subtle. Whether you simply want a few African accents, or are intent on going all out with the African theme, there are so many exciting options to choose from.

Coodination - Weddings by Marius
Photography - Melanie Maré Photography
Flower Decor & Concept
Wedding Cake - Cakes by Nix
Venue - Zinzi Restaurant
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