Wedding Trends Special: All things GOLD

by Jun 7, 20170 comments

Metallic is a constant in trend, and Gold is the leader of all metallic colours.

Whenever they go out of fashion, it’s never for too long. 2016 was the year of Rose Gold, in 2017 we’re taking a moment to appreciate gold in its many forms for your wedding. Here are our top tips for lacing your wedding with gold.

  • Choose one type of gold. Don’t mix the different metallics. Keep it clean, and choose from the palette, whether it be yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, it has to be a signature rather than a mere statement.
  • It’s all about balance. As gold is such a powerful colour, it needs to balanced out with a good solid colour. Balance your gold our with a neutral colour like white or black. If you wish to use more colour, then keep the amount of gold to a minimum, using it in key pieces to stand out, such as cutlery or the simple outlined rim of a glass.
  • Flowers! This is probably the tricky part. Make sure your florist knows the exact type of gold you wish to use in your decor, so they can choose the right flower that has the undertones of the gold you wish to use. You can keep it simple by making sure your flower theme is all white, but don’t be afraid of a little colour in your flowers, even when gold is involved! Just make sure you get the right colour advice from your florist.
  • Don’t forget the right lighting. This is the most important one to your photographer. Remember that if the lighting is too harsh, the gold will come out harsh as well. Keep it to softer tones, and perhaps candlelight or lanterns. This will give the gold of choice a romantic feel.

Images & Decor by Trunk Events and By Word of Mouth.

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