By Word of Mouth Special: Wedding Trends

by Jun 6, 20170 comments

Decor is possibly one of the most important parts of a wedding. Making sure that your surroundings suit your style, as well as the current trends of the moment is a tough balancing act.

That’s why By Word of Mouth host a wedding trends showcase every year, just to make sure that you are kept up with the trends! Below are the little things that we loved from this year’s showcase. The little things that make all the difference to your wedding.

What we loved most this year, which showed through most of the place setting set-ups, is the touch of metallic gold as a base colour, rather than your usual blacks and whites. the gold cutlery adds edge to a simple colour scheme like blue and white. Don’t overdo it though, just a touch is all you need.

Candle-lit is always a beautiful idea, but take it up a notch with candelabras or lanterns designed in geometric shapes. It’s the soft lighting we all love, with a little bit of personality.

Don’t be afraid of patterns in your tablecloth. Yes, a pattern can be a little overpowering, but if you have a simple pattern that matches the colour scheme, you can work around simplifying your table setting as to not make it too busy.

Let the flowers do the talking. Especially with a more neutral colour scheme. If you wish to have a classic all white wedding, or use neutral colours as the main base colours at your wedding, make sure the flowers you select are intricate, and stand out because they either stand tall (for example, long-stemmed lilies in a crystal vase) or because of their pop of colour.

For more of these and more trends, head over to the By Word of Mouth website. 

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