{Pinterest} Mmachigo’s African Fairy wedding

What inspired your theme?
I am guided by the motto ‘living in the magic of life’. Therefore, my wedding is infused with this magic − which is tender, light, quirky, natural, authentic and awe-inspiring. A balanced celebration of the ordinary miracle of love, while honouring my African roots and identity. An abundant and joyous feast for all senses and hearts.

Is there something that you wish you could have done differently?
No. I am happy with this theme. It feels just right.

If you were to choose a celebrity to be your husband, who would it be and why?
I chose Thapelo as a ‘model husband’ because he seems to me like an easy going, down-to-earth, fun-loving and creative man who is comfortable in his own skin. He is also very easy on the eye.

Who among your friends and family is likely to be your maid of honour?
My best friend will probably be my maid of honour because she is just the perfect soul for the job.

Where would you like to go on your honeymoon?
Any place that fits the equation of sea + greens +zen +pampering + adventure and play! Mauritius would do well.

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