Nkululeko & Babalwa

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Where and how did you meet?

At Rhodes University. We also attended the same church. The rest as they say – is history.

How did he propose? We had a memorable long weekend in Franschhoek. We ended our stay at the stunning Mont Rochele wine estate. After enjoying a delicious meal at Miko Restaurant, the ‘dessert’ arrived, covered with a steel dome with the big question beautifully scribed by the chef. While I was still recovering from the surpise, the groom went down on bended knee.

Please provide a short description of your wedding day. Our wedding took place at the beautiful Royal St. Andrew Hotel in Port Alfred. It was an intimate and warm occassion attended by mainly family and close friends. It was a beautiful sunny day; we couldn’t have asked for better. Everything was perfect, from classic decor featuring mainly lilies and white roses to a cocktail function and the best menu from the chef.

If you could change one thing about your wedding day, what would it be? We loved every single thing about our wedding day. Because we had an outside wedding, maybe we could have started in the afternoon as by noon the sun was very hot.

What was the highlight of your day? How everything came together and how people really enjoyed our wedding.

How did it feel to finally stand next to each other as husband and wife? It was very exciting, magical. It was the most perfect day of our lives.

Where did you go on honeymoon? Phuket, Thailand.

What advice would you give to a soon-to-be bride? Give yourself enough time to plan, prioritise, and budget. Be clear about what you want and always communicate with your suppliers. Make sure you enjoy the journey. It’s all about you.

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