Nonku & Musa

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After a few years of dating, Musa finally started making plans for the lobola

Musa admired Nonku from afar at first, always seeming to miss her at their company canteen. Nonku casually went about her ways without taking any notice at all, until Musa finally spoke to her. Once they made that initial connection, the rest was history.

After a few years of dating, Musa finally started making plans for the lobola negotiations to start, calling in his uncles from Natal. “I can’t really remember having any say in the matter. However, I was ecstatic that we had finally come to that point in our relationship,” says Nonku.

Something that Nonku did have a say in was the wedding plans. The couple conceptualised and planned the whole wedding themselves. After months of making choices, changing minds, looking at flowers, venues and attending wedding expos, the day finally arrived. It was better than either could have dreamed of. While it was a scorching hot day in Pretoria, the ambience was beautiful and everyone looked red-carpet ready in their outfits.

After their perfect day, the newlywed couple went on a four-day cruise along the coastline where they had a chance to reflect on their wedding day and the year, as well as spend some well-deserved quality time together.

Wedding Gown

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