{Real Weddings} Best of 2013

What would your favourite bridal magazine be without Real Weddings? We bring you highlights from the past two issues of Nubian Bride and of course share what we loved most about the couples we featured. Some of the stories made us laugh while some made our hearts melt. Honestly, there’s nothing more heart warming than seeing people in love.

Martha and Sibusiso

Why we love this couple: The couple lives in Canada, but chose to tie the knot in the home country, just so friends and family could be a part of the special day. What can we say, the day would not have been as special had the loved ones not been there.

Photographer: Jacki Bruniquel
Contact: +27 82 642 85 47


Mbali and Ainsely

Why we love this couple: We enjoyed hearing about how Mbali and her hubby met in Dubai. Many moons later their innocent flirt session ended in a wedding ceremony, where the old met with the new, blue and cool.

Photographer: Christiaan David
+27 84 504 7721

Thembi and Guma

Why we love this couple: The couple can’t stop raving about the champagne breakfast they had at their wedding; apparently it was so good that it extended to lunch.

Photographer: Pamela Soeharno
+27 82 331 8341


Chintu and Martin

Why we love this couple: A proposal is romantic, but what is even more romantic is how Martin proposed to the love of his life. Chintu had to follow a chain of 48 cards with memories representing the 48 months they had been together. #sniff!

Photographer: Lauren Kriedemann Photography
Contact: +27 83 406 0133


Farooq and Ipuseng

Why we love this couple: Talk about a fairy wedding come true. The couple’s wedding was held at the Wedding Emporium, with a garden of roses extending everywhere. Totally awesome!

Photographer: Tyme Photography
Contact: +27 11 884 9428

Ria and Vidwan

Why we love this couple: It was clear from the onset that this couple was meant to be. They were born in the same hospital, delivered by the same doctor only a few days apart.  Their paths finally crossed years later at a birthday party. They hit it off, from the word go. Our eyes just watered at the sweetness of this.

Photography: Christelle Rall 
Contact: +27 83 878 3185


Lilian and Sam

Why we love this couple: Umembeso( bridal shower). Hello, which bride doesn’t like to be showered with endless gifts?

Photographer: Pixel Me Perfect
Contact: +27 12 8 111 078


Lebohang and Potlako

Why we love this couple: We’re obsessed with Zanzibar, and we’re green with envy that Lebohang and her hubby got to honeymoon there.

Photographer: Christopher Munton Photography
Contact: www.chrismunton.co.za


Amanda and Vukile

Why we love this couple: What could be more surprising than an unexpected wedding proposal? Amanda can tell you all about it. When her office friend, turned beau proposed, she says she did not know whether to cry, pray or laugh. We concur; we also wouldn’t know what to do.

Photographer: Bright girl Photography
Contact: +27 82 565 6393


Tumi and Tshiamo

Why we love this couple: We are smitten with how these two met. Tshiamo was going for an eye test and Tumi was the optometrist. What was supposed to be a regular eye test turned out to be significantly more, and a  life  became much brighter.

Photographer: Johan Pretorius 
Contact: +27 51 444 1108


Neo and Rodney

Why we love this couple: Apart from the funky wedding ensembles, we completely totally and irrevocably loved the how accepting Rodney’s family was of Neo. They arrived in Sosha late at night and they were still awake waiting for the bride to be. How sweet!

Photographer: Andre M Photograpy
Contact: +27 72 426 3736

Meera and Darreen

Why we love this couple: The couple had a photo booth where everyone went in to take a photo and took home—a little token for everyone to take home. What a brilliant idea!

Photographer:  Vivid Blue  Photography
Contact: +27 72 1488332

Nonku and Musa

Why we love this couple: We envy the couple for their four-day cruise along the coastline, where they spent their time doing nothing but reflecting on their wedding. Talk about a time well spent.

Photography: Christiaan David
Contact: +27 84 504 7721

We thought these couples themes were incredible but nothing could be more incredible than being in love, wouldn’t you agree?

Which couple was your absolute favourite? Feel free to comment below or on our facebook page.



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