{Couple Talk} Our favourite Jennifer Hudson moments

Jennifer Hudson has always had the hots for her husband David Otunga, WWE superstar, who is more famous for being her husband than being a the wrestler he is.

The two were later introduced to each other by a mutual friend. They hit if off from onset and many moons down the line, the two are now married and have a gorgeous baby boy named after his father David. Here are our favourite Jeniffer and David moments.

Family day out with young David. What a tough cookie. We also love the father son and son fake tats.

The family out again with little David.  We love the Batman and Cat woman costumes. We are still trying to figure out who DJ is suppose to be. We suspect its Casper (the friendly ghost), but one just can’t be sure.

On their way back from church.  Little David decides to take a nap, the service must have been long.

Now we are convinced either the entire family is crazy about Spiderman or little David is behind it all. Either way Nubian Bride thinks they all look super cute. Therefore gives her stamp of approval.

The only picture taken without David on tow. It must have been the couple’s night out.

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