{Relationships} Tough questions you need to ask

Love is a beautiful thing. And nothing says “we are in love” than a marriage. Sadly, love is not all that is required to make a marriage work.  Here are a few things to consider before saying I do:

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It is important that when you get into a relationship that you and your partner are clear about how you will raise your kids if you will have any and under what belief system.

Questions to ask
- Are you planning on having kids?
- If so how many are you planning to have?
- How will you raise them in terms of religion, education etc?
- If you are unable to conceive, is adoption or surrogacy an option?

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According to studies many divorces are brought about by financial constraints. Before saying I do, you and your better half need to discuss how you will handle financial issues.

Questions to ask
- Are you considering a pre-nuptial or in community of property?
- Will you have a joint account? How will you handle the bills, will you go 50/50 or will the one who earns more contribute more?
- What are your 2, 5 and 10 year financial goals?

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It has been said so many times that when you marry your partner, you not just marrying them, but their entire family, the emo kid who insists on wearing black clothes and touch of red, the uncle who cusses more than a sailor man.  Of course its not only doom and gloom, their highs will be your highs as well.

Questions to ask
- How will family conflicts be handled?
- If you are from different cultural backgrounds or races how will you make sure that both families cultural practices are respected?
- How often will you spend time with your in-laws, every weekend, once a month, holidays only?

If you are able to think of the worst case scenario with your partner and you think you still think you can be able to handle it. Then you are ready to say I do, but not before going for counselling. We, on the other hand wish you a happy marriage.

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