A Bouquet of Wedding Day Fragrances from Sisley Paris

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Introducing the range of beautiful fragrances from Sisley Paris… 

Eau de Campagne Nature reinvented by Sisley…

 Hubert d’Ornano, a great lover of nature, imagined a fragrance evocative of freshly mown grass, with a sharp, elegant and daring trail, something he could wear every day, like a breath of fresh air, in the city or the countryside, in the winter or the summer.

 Eau du Soir is back in a new limited edition bottle evoking fantasy and the celestial.

 It is mysterious, transporting us to the middle of a starry night where the heavenly bodies shine bright and whirl in a wonderful dance. To house its emblematic trail, a deep black lacquered bottle is peppered with a shower of glowing stars and planets.

Izia, a fragrance for all the facets of woman. As exceptional as the roses within it, as intimate as a garden, as captivating as a masterpiece. Like a shroud of silk, Izia is a fragrance for you, and you alone. It is alive, palpable, bursting with energy and enduring. It speaks to all generations of women.  Izia is nature sculpted, the tender caress of dew at dawn.  The scent is modern and enchanting.

 Eau du Soir is inspired by Isabelle d’Ornano’s childhood memory of walking in the gardens of Alcazar in Seville, in southern Spain. She wanted the note at the heart of this elegant chypre to be Seringa, a simple, unusual white flower whose distinctive characteristic in these gardens is that it develops its essence at dusk. The evening arrives, and with it, suddenly, a perfume. It is the magic of this precious moment that for her evokes Eau du Soir.

Sisley Paris

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