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We have drawn inspiration from the rich, bold hues of Spanish architecture to infuse Latin traditions and design into this look and feel. It offers the perfect theme for any bride wanting something ‘hot-blooded’!

Venue We recommend looking for venues with a Latin American significance such as a church, hacienda, Spanish monastery or garden to help bring together the overall Latin theme of your wedding.

Stationery Remember, the invitation is the first impression of your wedding day and creates the expectation. When designing the invitation, we recommend playing around with colour and texture by incorporating patterns, bold colours, laser cutting and gold foiling.

Table décor Don’t be afraid of colour. Rich blue, deep red and lavish gold grounded with touches of black create a dramatic atmosphere. We have all watched those typical Spanish soapies, Telenovelas, and know the Latin Americans have a penchant for the melodramatic!

Floral detail should be placed at different heights and cascade over the tabletops for that Spanish garden effect. We raided Granny’s garden for her bougainvillea, which has lovely deep, rich palettes of red and purple. Golden cutlery adds a sense of opulence for an evening affair; couple it with cut crystal glassware in the themed colour to make an unforgettable fiesta!

Raise the bar You can have so much fun getting creative with the drinks that are served at your wedding. For Latin-inspired drinks, we suggest serving refreshments that are typical of the heritage such as sangria, mojitos, Corona and tequila. Ola!

 Menu Hire a reputable catering professional who specialises in Latin food. Appetisers such as tapas are always a favourite. Traditional paella is typically associated with festivities and is a very colourful dish, so it’s also a good choice.

The ceremony: Consider including a Latin tradition during your ceremony. For example, in Mexico and Guatemala, there is a tradition called el ate de nudo, where a rope is placed around the couple during the ceremony. In Latin America, some couples also opt for having godparents, el padrino y madrina, who accompany the couple during the ceremony.


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